Chemical Free Floor Cleaning

Chemical free floor cleaning is now available from FactoryCat with our Zero3 on board, on demand aqueous ozone system.

Aqueous ozone occurs naturally and can be identified by the fresh aroma that is present after a thunderstorm. An extra oxygen atom is added to the rain water turning it into Aqueous Ozone ( O3 )The third oxygen atom’s bond remains radical, unstable & seeks organic matter to oxidise.

The use of Aqueous Ozone as an effective and safe oxidiser of organic matter spans over 100 years, used in water treatment plants around the world for disinfecting and sanitising.



On board & on demand Aqueous Ozone

  1. Oxygen (O2) in the ambient air is drawn through the Ozone generator.
  2. Inside the Ozone generator,the O2 molecules in air are split into O1 via a corona arc.
  3. These (O1) atoms bond to remaining Oxygen (O2) creating
    Ozone (O3). The third oxygen atom’s bond remains radical
    and unstable and seeks organic matter to oxidize.
  4. We inject the O3 molecules into the solution stream. O3 molecules in the solution are then drawn to any contaminants (viruses, bacteria, mold, etc.) in which the solution is applied to.

5. When the O3 molecule finds contaminants, due to the radical bond, the O3 molecule will split and attach to the contaminant and break through the cell wall, destroying the contaminant.
6. Once the contaminant is destroyed, only Oxygen is left in the solution.

Zero3 reduces the need for harmful chemicals in daily maintenance cleaning which is safer for the environment and the operator, with no chemicals to manufacture, transport, store, mix or dispose of. Reduce your carbon footprint with chemical free cleaning with Zero3 system, with a free on site demonstration. Call 02380 617129 for a free demonstration or email your enquiry using the form below.

Zero3 Aqueous Ozone

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