A good walk behind scrubber dryer can act as an extra member of staff for any cleaning team or workforce that require efficient floor cleaning. However, it is essential that you pick the correct floor cleaning equipment for your business, or it is likely to spend more time collecting dust in the cupboard than cleaning your workspace floor.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a walk behind scrubber dryer, you need to consider the following.

Mains or Battery powered?

A walk behind scrubber powered through the mains will likely be cheaper to buy and run than a battery-powered alternative. However, a main powered machine could cause problems if co-workers or customers are around it when in use. The cable attached to your floor cleaning equipment will be causing a serious trip hazard!

Mains powered machines tend to be a good choice for those who need its use for hours upon hours as it doesn’t have a battery that can run out of charge!

On the other hand, a battery-powered walk behind scrubber is the ideal option if different locations need to be cleaned. When making your purchase make sure you get a walk behind scrubber that can do the job required in one charge!

Disc or Cylinder?

Disc type floor scrubbers are the most popular choice consisting of a disc-like brush or pad. A disc machine accompanied with a pad holder is the most versatile option as the floor pad is interchangeable and can be adjusted to suit any flooring. If you envisage that your floor scrubber will be dealing with a range of different flooring, disc type floor scrubbers have to be the option for you.

Cylindrical machines are usually made up of two roller-type brushes and are the ideal solution for getting dirt and grime out of rough finish flooring (i.e Altro floor). Cylindrical walk behind scrubbers are also recognised for being perfect for floors with heavy soiling as they have a much higher contact pressure with the floor.

One negative aspect of using cylindrical machines is that the brushes can run out fairly quickly and will need regular replacement.

Size matters

Buying a walk behind scrubber that is the correct size for the space you are cleaning is essential to its productivity. If you opt for a machine that is too big, the machine’s productivity won’t be maximised. You will have to clean the corners and edges your walk behind scrubber can’t reach with a handheld mop.

For obvious reasons, you don’t want your walk behind scrubber to be too small. Cleaning equipment that is too small for the space you are cleaning will increase the amount of time it takes to finish the job.

Keep it Simple

Walk Behind Scrubbers can be accompanied by a wide range of options and gadgets, some of them of great use in certain scenarios. However, overloading your machine with extra functions is only confusing things for its operator and once your machine is out of warranty, you will have to pay to replace these expensive additions. Our machines at FactoryCat UK are simple, only implementing necessary functions to our walk behind scrubbers.


Although rather simple, it is essential to select the correct chemical for your walk behind scrubber. If your machine has a vacuum pick up (which it likely will) the chemical used cannot be too strong. Cases have been reported where the chemical is too strong, the recovery tank has foamed up and burnt out the vacuum motor. When it comes to walk behind scrubber dryers, the main chemical options to you are:

  1. Alkaline – Ideal for non-sealed floors.
  2. Neutral – Ideal for polished or delicate floors.

If unsure of which to use, we recommend that you opt to use a neutral product. Ensure that you dilute the chemical correctly and avoid guesswork where possible. If resorting to guesswork, it can often lead to foaming and in turn, damage to your walk behind scrubber dryer.

User Training

At FactoryCat UK we offer a free demonstration on how to use your walk behind scrubber which can be of great benefit as instruction manuals often result in confusion. We feel it is essential for whoever is operating the walk behind floor scrubber to be present during the free demonstration. The information given by our experts will reduce the risk of damaging your walk behind scrubber and make your new machine as productive as possible.


The maintenance of your floor cleaning equipment is essential to its long-lasting life. Cleaning your walk behind scrubber dryer after each use will go a long way to preventing breakdowns and other technical problems.

Make sure that at the end of each use you have adequate time to empty the dirty water and clean the machine thoroughly. It is essential to your machine’s functionality that squeegee blades and hoses are kept clean and clear.

We would also recommend that you have your machine checked over by a service engineer annually!

Cleaning Efficiency

A walk behind scrubbers’ primary purpose is to clean, so the cleaning efficiency of the scrubber you chose should be at the forefront of decision determining factors. Particularly when cleaning commercial spaces, you need to ensure the walk behind scrubber you chose is powerful enough to rid of any grime or dirt. As well as this, your scrubber should leave a perfect shine.

Quicker Dry Times

Depending on the area that is being cleaned, it may be essential to purchase a walk behind scrubber with fast drying times to ensure your customers do not slip. If you work in a customer facing industry, this is a factor that you seriously need to consider.

Easy Operation

Especially if you are operating the floor scrubber yourself, it is essential that the floor scrubber you purchase is simple to use. A functional machine will be equipped with basic operations that are controlled by the simple press of a button.

Easy to Handle

Largely for the convenience of yourself, the functionality of your walk-behind scrubber should be of vital importance. The efficiency of your floor cleaning will be much easier with an easy to operate machine.

At FactoryCat UK we recommend you opt for a walk behind scrubber that offers simple handling. Depending on if you intend your walk behind scrubber to clean different areas, you may also require it to be easy to transport.

Interested in a walk behind scrubber dryer? FactoryCat UK offer a wide range of floor cleaning equipment, sure to have the ideal solution for your workspace. If you would like to find out more, contact an expert today on 02380 617129.