Ride-On Scrubber Driers

Whether you’re the manager of busy logistics and distribution warehouse, the owner of an industrial factory, or just the keeper of a local shop, it’s important to keep your business premises clean – and thanks to our range of ride on scrubber driers, doing so is now easier than ever. Our ride on floor scrubbers are suitable for a wide range of industrial settings, including everything from large-scale public buildings and factory floors to small buildings and retail spaces. They each have a sturdy steel construction, with powerful motors and heavy-duty brushes, and they are incredibly easy to use. Invest in a ride on scrubber dryer and, we guarantee, you will achieve excellent results every time.

>Here at Factory Cat, we currently offer a range of different ride on scrubber driers – including both disc and cylinder models, in a variety of scrub widths. For small-to-medium sizes spaces, perhaps opt for a micro-rider such as the Pilot HD, or one of our fantastic GTR Scrubber Sweepers. Or if you’re looking to clean a large surface area, perhaps invest in our largest and most powerful ride on floor sweeper; the XR. The choice is yours! Just think about your requirements, browse the full range of ride on scrubber dryers for sale, and invest in one of these high-performance robust machines. If you would like further advice on the best model for your application, please feel free to get in touch. Simply give us a call on 02380 617127 or drop us a quick message using the online contact form.




ride-on scrubber

Scrub and sweep at the same time, saving time and effort with this high-performance micro-rider.

Pilot Models

FactoryCat Pilot HD

Ride-on Disc Scrubbers

  • Pilot HD 26D Disc Rider
  • Pilot HD 28D Disc Rider

Ride-on Scrubber Sweepers


  • Pilot 25C Scrubber Sweeper




Factory Cat ride-on scrubber

Variable, reliable ride-ons with a wide range of scrubber deck widths to deal with any challenge.

GTR Models

FactoryCat GTR

Ride-on Disc Scrubbers

  • GTR 30D Disc Rider
  • GTR 34D Disc Rider

Ride-on Scrubber Sweepers


  • GTX 29C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper
  • GTX 33C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper




scrubber driers

Our largest and most powerful scrubber sweepers let you clean even the largest areas in comfort.

XR Models

FactoryCat XR

Ride-on Disc Scrubbers

  • XR 34D Disc Scrubber
  • XR 40D Disc Scrubber
  • XR 45D Disc Scrubber

Ride-on Scrubber Sweepers


  • XR 34C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper
  • XR 40C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper
  • XR 46C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper


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