Gone are the days when your staff would need to clean the floor with a mop and bucket, wasting lots of their valuable time and creating a slip hazard in the process. Industrial cleaning equipment is the way forward, the type of investment that every business owner or facilities manager should consider. But when making such a purchase, it’s important that you make the right decision for your business. The question is: should you buy a walk behind scrubber dryer or a ride on scrubber drier? Here we explore the main differences between the two and consider the pros and cons of each type.

Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

As the name implies, walk behind floor cleaners are guided by an operator. Most models don’t need to be physically pushed, but a member of staff is expected to stand behind the machine – successfully manoeuvring it around the workspace, avoiding any obstacles and ensuring that all areas of the desired space are covered. Walk behind scrubber dryers typically use a diluted cleaning solution and some designs can both scrub and sweep, cleaning and drying, in the same pass.

Here at Factory Cat UK, we offer a fantastic range of walk-behind scrubber dryers. All of which are built from a chassis of solid steel and come fitted with both a powerful set of motors and an electronic actuator. This actuator effectively pushes the head of the brush, or disc brush, to the floor and creates greater pressure whilst cleaning. Our walk behind floor cleaners also come in a variety of widths, allowing them to handle aisles and areas of different sizes, and they are constructed to the best possible standard – ensuring that you get the most out of your machine, every time it is used.

Advantages of Walk Behind Floor Cleaners

Walk behind floor cleaners, particularly those found at Factory Cat UK, are small and nimble without compromising on power. With this in mind, they are a fantastic option for smaller spaces. If the area to be cleaned is dotted with obstacles – such as shop aisles and displays or stock room shelving units – the operator will find it much easier to cover the space with a walk behind scrubber. They are in control of the machine and can manoeuvre and guide it appropriately to avoid any collisions. Walk behind scrubber dryers are also better if your area includes narrow doorways and ramps.

Ride On Scrubber Driers

Once again, ride on scrubber driers are pretty self-explanatory. With this type of industrial cleaning equipment, the operator is provided with a seat, thus allowing them to sit comfortably on the machine itself. There is no need for them to manoeuvre the machine by walking behind. From their comfortable seated position, they can control the direction of the machine using a large steering wheel and they can select machine functions with a variety of toggles and rocker switches.

Factory Cat UK is one of the leading manufacturers of ride on scrubber driers. Constructed from a solid steel chassis, with heavy-duty brushes and high-power batteries, they are built to last in the harshest industrial environments. They are incredibly easy to use, simple to maintain, safe and comfortable. Both disc and cylinder models are currently available in a range of scrub widths and all of our ride on floor scrubbers are designed to carry large amounts of water.

Advantages of Ride On Floor Scrubbers  

Comfort has to be the most glaringly obvious advantage of ride on floor scrubbers. The operator can actually sit down, therefore minimising their fatigue levels and – in turn – improving their productivity. They can make the most of every single shift, using considerably less energy (and effort!) yet covering a much larger area in a shorter amount of time. A big job suddenly becomes less time-consuming and tedious. Ride on scrubber driers also have wider scrubbing paths and a larger storage capacity for water and detergent. As such, they are much more efficient than walk-behind models and they are the perfect option for large facilities and big open spaces.

Of course, it is important to note that ride on floor scrubbers are often unsuitable for smaller spaces and they do cost slightly more than a walk behind scrubber dryer. However, they also significantly improve productivity and it doesn’t take long to recoup the initial expense of the machine.

Factory Cat Walk Behind and Ride On Scrubber Drier

Factory Cat UK has over 30 years’ experience in the industrial cleaning industry and, when it comes to walk behind floor cleaners vs. ride on scrubber driers, we demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and sage advice. Essentially, we think the larger the machine, the better. Start out by evaluating your space for narrow doorways, ramps, and obstacles and then simply choose the largest machine that your space can accommodate. It’s also a great idea to calculate your current manual cleaning costs and work out how an increase in worker productivity could offset the expense of a new machine.

If you’re still struggling to decide on a suitable machine for your business, we’re always available and happy to answer any questions you may have. We can provide further information on both walk behind floor cleaners and ride on floor scrubbers, explaining the differences between the two and offering further guidance on their advantages and disadvantages. Or perhaps you’re ready to request a quote or would like to place an order. Just contact us today!

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