compact pedestrian scrubber driers

MICRO-HD Scrubber Dryer

The Micro-HD compact pedestrian scrubber driers are designed for industrial applications where a smaller more nimble machine is required.  The Micro is available with either disc or cylindrical scrub deck styles and variable electronic brush pressure in 5 settings for outstanding results in the harshest of environments. The cylinder models can scrub and sweep in a single pass saving time, increasing productivity.


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Key Features
  • Powerful scrub motors and actuator for heavy duty applications
  • Electronically adjustable brush pressure in 5 settings
  • Simple maintenance & topside servicing
  • Management “lock out” feature on brush pressure and solution control
  • Simple brush change
Safety Features
Standard Features:

  • Emergency stop switch


  • Manual parking brake
  • Forward drive melody alarm
Operator Comfort
  • Easy adjust breakaway squeegee
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Simple brush change
  • Easy clean tanks
BRUSH PRESSURE LOCKOUT Prevents the operator using excessive brush pressure. tn_lockoutbrush
SOLUTION LOCKOUT Reduces water consumption tn_lockoutsolution
SPRAY ATTACHMENT Ideal for rinsing tanks, brushes & squeegees tn_magwaterjet
SPRAY & VACUUM WAND For cleaning under racking and edges tn_wandrack
 BATTERY SELECTION We have a range of wet and gel type batteries 22134_2040-trojan-battery-company-adds-high-capacity-industrial-line-for-renewable-energy-applications-to-support-large-daily-loads


The Micro-HD compact pedestrian scrubber driers are available with either the traditional style disc scrub deck or with a cylindrical scrubbing deck which will clean and sweep in one pass, reducing the need to pre-sweep


The disc style of brush deck is more versatile in the range of tooling available, they can be fitted with a range of brushes in different grades or conventional floor pads, diamond pads/diamond tooling. The disc system is ideal if you would like to maintain the floor to a shine Ideal for : smooth painted concrete, power floated concrete, terrazzo, marble 


Cylinder decks can only be fitted with brushes which are available in different grades depending on the application. These are best on rougher floors or where there is a need to scrub and sweep in the same pass. Ideal for :  non-slip painted, rough concrete, profiled

MICRO-HD Disc Quick Specs
Disc Dimensions 1 x 43, 1 x 51, 2 x 33cm
Solution Tank 38 litres
Recovery Tank 38 litres
Power 24v
Batteries Standard 2 x 12v 130ah
Batteries Optional 2 x 12v 150ah
MICRO-HD Cylinder Quick Specs
Cylinder Dimensions 2 x 58cm
Solution Tank 38 litres
Recovery Tank 38 litres
Power 24v
Batteries Standard 2 x 12v 130ah
Batteries Optional 2 x 12v 150ah

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