If you are looking for a tough, strong, durable cleaning machine that can handle industrial work with ease, look no further than the Factory Cat GTX Scrubber Sweeper. Built in the US to dish out heavy duty cleaning performance, and engineered for a long effective lifespan, this workhorse of a machine sweeps and scrubs the floor in a single pass, reducing cleaning time and effort significantly.

We recently had the pleasure to supply the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, via our local distributor Solutions Express, to aid cleaning after the champions league finals. Utilised both in the car park and concourse areas the cylindrical brush deck allows for both floor scrubbing and sweeping of small debris removing the need to pre-sweep before use.

Handing over the GTX scrubber sweeper out on the pitch where Ronaldo & co had been playing in the final a few days before.

Double scrubbing with excellent results on the textured epoxy floor in the car park in the Principality Stadium

Additional options on the GTX scrubber sweeper are the spray hose and vacuum wand attachments, this system allows for off-board cleaning into areas the machine cannot physically access. The spray hose allows the cleaning solution to be dispensed at pressure whilst the vacuum wand allows for quick and efficient recovery of waste water into the machine for ease of disposal. The added benefit of the on-board spray hose system is that at the end of the shift, operators can utilise the hose and any remaining water to clean down the scrub and suction systems on the machine.

The GTX floor scrubber driers are also available on both short term and contract hire, for more information or a demonstration please contact our team on 0800 313 4336