Factory Cat Floor Sweepers

Factory Cat floor sweepers are built for industrial applications, with powerful motors & a solid steel chassis they are designed to last in the harshest of environments whilst giving outstanding performance in sweeping & dust control. Our sweepers are used in factories, warehouses, bulk powder & concrete works, they can also be used on sports courts and large carpeted areas.

factory cat floor sweepers


Rugged high performance battery powered walk-behind floor sweeper with powerful motors, solid steel chassis & unique “baghouse” filter for unrivaled dust control. The 34 has a direct throw system with a self adjusting main broom which packs the larger debris into a steel hopper & will not loose performance even when the brushes are worn. The side broom system comes as standard which sweeps the dust & debris in from the edges into the path of the main broom.


The Factory Cat Model 34 has been manufactured for over 25 years to the same design and build quality, giving years of trouble free service.


"BAGHOUSE" Filter System

Dust Control

The dust generated from the sweeping process is controlled with a powerful vacuum & the unique filter system which has a long life polymer felt filter, which is kept clean with an on board filter shaker.

baghouse filter


Key Features
  • Robust solid steel construction
  • “baghouse” filter for dust control
  • self adjusting main broom
  • Large industrial motors
  • Dust free sweeping


Quick Specs
Sweeping Method Direct Throw
Main Broom 66 x 25cm
Broom Power/Speed 1.0 hp (746 watts) / 400 rpm
Side Broom 43cm
Hopper 56 litres
Dust Filter (3.343 m^2)
Battery Power 12v
Cleaning Path 86cm
  • Carpet grooming kit
  • Turf grooming kit
  • Spare battery
  • HD bumper
  • Nomex filter
industrial floor sweepers


Rugged high performance ride-on sweeper with dust control, the TR sweepers design is based on the successful Model 34. With a solid steel chassis, powerful motors and polymer felt filter, the TR is designed & built for industrial applications.


  • Twin Side Brooms
  • Extended run times (up to 7 hours)
  • Large industrial motors
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Key Features
  • Robust all steel construction
  • Large 116l capacity debris hopper
  • Large “baghouse” filter for ultimate dust control
  • Self adjusting main broom
  • HD motors and components
Quick Specs
Sweeping Method Direct Throw
Main Broom 81 x 25cm
Broom Power/Speed 1.0 hp (746 watts) / 435 rpm
Side Broom 43cm
Hopper 116 litres
Dust Filter (3.343 m^2)
Battery Power 24v
Cleaning Path 117cm
  • Overhead guard
  • Nomex Filter
  • Turf grooming kit
  • Carpet kit

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