Built tough for industry use in Wisconsin, USA, Factory Cat scrubber driers offer easy, intuitive controls, hard-wearing, high-performance construction and unprecedented cleaning ability, making sure that no matter how big the job is or how dirty your floors are, you’ll get an excellent clean every time.

Factory Cat UK can provide a huge range of these industrial cleaning machines, whether you’re looking for walk-behind or ride-on in any size, and with a range of scrubber decks and additional options to help tackle any situation you may wind up in, you can rely on your Factory Cat scrubber drier. When you’re looking for a sturdy, dependable, long-lasting and effective industrial floor cleaning machine, look no further than Factory Cat!

What Sets Factory Cat Scrubber Driers Apart?

We have been making industry-gold-standard floor cleaning machines since 1986, producing a huge range of battery-powered floor cleaning and preparation equipment. Our scrubber driers, scrubber sweepers and polishers stand out from the crowd in almost every way, including:

Expertise and History

With more than 30 years in this business, Factory Cat have stood the test of time thanks to our dedication to quality construction, high-performance equipment, and industry-leading expertise. That lineage and expertise is apparent in the design and functionality of our industrial floor cleaners, built to perform and last in a challenging environment and refined over decades to provide the best possible results to our clients; but it also shows in our after-sales support, our dedication to our customers, and our pride in what we do.


Factory Cat scrubber driers are versatile, adaptable machines that can handle any situation you may throw at them. Each one is built to handle a range of flooring, but each scrub deck type has its own strengths and ideal applications. Luckily, Factory Cat stocks a range of floor scrubbers with different scrub decks and in a wide range of sizes, making it easier than ever to tailor your cleaning machinery to the job.

With a variety of additional features that can be included, you can fit your industrial floor scrubber drier to your requirements and ensure the fastest, most efficient and most thorough clean possible.

Hire or Purchase

Factory Cat’s versatility doesn’t just extend to the actual machines themselves – it also includes tailoring our services so you get the best bang for your buck, with a range of purchase and rental options to suit your needs.

Whether you only want to hire the machine for a set time period or buy it outright, talk to the experts at Factory Cat – they’ll be happy to help you find the solution that best fits with what you need to accomplish and your available budget.

Range of Available Scrubber Driers

We stock a wide variety of scrubber driers and other floor cleaning machines, ranging from small walk-behind scrubbier driers to large ride-on scrubber sweepers that can handle the hugest areas without a problem. Our selection of floor cleaning machines includes:

Walk-Behind and Ride-On

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when looking at your floor scrubber drier is whether you want a walk-behind or a ride-on machine. A walk-behind machine may be less expensive and easier to maintain, but a ride-on machine reduces the work necessary to clean the floor, and saves your staff’s energy for other tasks – weigh up which you need before committing one way or the other!

Both types of machine are excellent choices when used properly, and both can provide exceptional cleaning results across a range of sizes and spaces, although a ride-on scrubber drier is better for massive areas like aircraft hangars and walk-behind scrubber driers are perfectly suited to areas where manoeuvrability and handling are paramount.

Disc Deck and Cylinder Deck

When you choose a scrubber drier or scrubber sweeper from Factory Cat, you will often be able to select either a disc deck or a cylinder deck. Which one you choose will depend on your needs and preferences, as each type of scrub deck provides advantages and disadvantages to your business.

The Disc Scrub Deck, for example, has a wide variety of easily-changed brush and scrubber pad options to deal with a wide range of situations, and can apply more downward pressure than a brush deck could, making it the perfect solution for polishing stone and scrubbing smooth flooring which has been particularly soiled.

A Cylinder Brush Deck, by comparison, may have less variety in the available brush types, but it sweeps, scrubs and dries the floor in one pass, removing the need to sweep the floor beforehand and increasing the productivity of your cleaners. Its revolving bristles also make it perfect for use on uneven surfaces or tiled floors with grout.

Designed to Perform

Factory Cat floor cleaning machines are designed to perform in tough industrial conditions, providing the same great clean again and again throughout the machine’s life. Built to last, our floor cleaning machines are made to American industrial standards, with solid steel chassis, powerful motors and corrosion-resistant stainless steel fittings wherever possible. A choice of powerful oversized batteries drives our scrubber driers for longer, and powerful brush motors and ram actuators provide unmatched cleaning power. Whether you want a walk-behind scrubber drier or a ride-on, Factory Cat’s machines will get the job done. The features of our scrubber driers include:

Ram Actuator Drives the Scrub Deck

Most floor cleaning machines have a foot pedal which the operator can use to lower the brush deck to the floor, which usually provides a paltry amount of brush pressure – or none at all.

The ram actuators used in Factory Cat floor cleaning machines mean that the brushes are pushed down against the floor with much more force than a foot pedal could achieve, providing a more thorough clean and faster job completion times!

Large-Capacity Tanks

The larger capacity tanks offered by Factory Cat floor cleaning machines are an obvious upgrade over the competition, with several advantages. The larger capacity for cleaning fluid and recovered fluid means that a Factory Cat scrubber drier can work for longer and cover a larger area on a single tank, reducing the need to stop and refill/empty the machine’s tanks and increasing work efficiency.

An added bonus is that the large tanks on Factory Cat scrubber driers are very easy to access and clean, reducing maintenance headaches and helping you keep your machinery in the best possible condition.

Intuitive Central Control System

Where most floor cleaning machines are made with an entirely integrated control foil, these can quickly become problematic due to their full integration – a problem with one part of the control system brings down the entire thing, and they are complex and difficult to replace.

By comparison, the toggle and rocker switches used to control Factory Cat scrubber driers and scrubber sweepers are significantly more durable, quick and easy to replace, and much more intuitive to use than complex control panels.

Management “Lock-Out” Features Available

When it comes to reducing wear and running expenses, Factory Cat have you covered. All of our scrubbers can come with a management lock-out feature, limiting the amount of pressure which can be applied to the scrubber decks, and placing a limit on cleaning fluid use. This helps to protect your machine and your floor from excessive pressure, as well as lowering your running costs by making sure that your operators use only as much cleaning fluid as they need.

Wide Range of Attachments

Depending on your requirements and preferences, there is a wide variety of optional attachments and add-ons to your scrubber, helping to tailor it to the job you need it to perform. Whether you need a spray attachment to rinse down hard-to-reach areas, or a combined spray-and-vacuum wand for cleaning that can’t be done with your scrubber, or side brooms, brush covers and different battery types, Factory Cat can help you customise your floor cleaning machine into exactly the tool for the job!

Full Support

We are proud of our after-sales service, and we ensure that every distributor maintains a factory trained service department, able to provide an industry-leading after-sales service that our clients can rely on. With full training and full access to parts and resources, our client support is second to none.

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