Walk behind Scrubber Driers & Sweepers built tough for industry  

Factory Cat walk behind scrubber driers are robust and reliable in design, a pedestrian scrubber which is easy to use for excellent results, time after time.


Factory Cat walk behind scrubber driers are renowned for their cleaning ability and durability. No compromise is taken with the quality of the component parts of any of our models. Simple in design & robust in construction, is the ethos that runs through the entire range, giving the best results possible, whether it’s our smallest pedestrian scrubber or the largest ride-on scrubber drier.




walk behind scrubber driers

Small, powerful scrubber drier with a single-disc scrub deck. Ideal for smaller areas where a powerful floor cleaner is required.

Micro Mag Models

Micro Mag Disc Brush Assist

  • Micro Mag 17 D Disc
  • Micro Mag 20 D Disc

Micro Mag Traction Drive

  • Micro Mag 17 D Disc
  • Micro Mag 17 D Disc





A small, powerful scrubber drier available with either disc or cylinder scrub decks. The cylindrical model scrubs, sweeps and dries the floor in a single pass.

Micro - HD Models

Micro – HD Disc Scrubbers

  • Micro – HD 17 D Disc Scrubber
  • Micro – HD 20 D Disc Scrubber
  • Micro – HD 26 D Disc Scrubber

Micro – HD Cylinder Scrubber Sweepers

  • Micro – HD 25C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper





pedestrian scrubber

A high-performance scrubber-drier available in a variety of cylinder and disc models. The powerful disc model will polish terrazzo and concrete.

Mini -HD Models

Mini – HD Disc Scrubber Driers

  • Mini – HD 26 D Disc Scrubber Drier
  • Mini – HD 28 D Disc Scrubber Drier

Mini – HD Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper

  • Mini – HD 25C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper
  •  Mini – HD 29C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper




A large, powerful scrubber, with a high capacity and incredible cleaning power. Ideal for cleaning or diamond polishing larger warehouses & factories.

Mag - HD Models

Mag – HD Disc Scrubber Driers

  • Mag – HD 30 D Disc Scrubber Drier
  • Mag – HD 34 D Disc Scrubber Drier

Mag – HD Cylinder Scrubber Sweepers

  • Mag – HD 29 C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper
  • Mag – HD 33 C Cylinder Scrubber Sweeper

FactoryCat battery powered pedestrian scrubber driers are built using a chassis of solid steel and a set of powerful motors, & they all feature a powerful electronic actuator which gives outstanding brush pressure. Available in cylinder or disc brush styles in range of scrubbing widths, get in touch & we can help select the right model for your application.

Our professional sales team will be able to organise a site survey to assess the dimensions, floor type, cleaning requirement and window of opportunity, then provide you with an onsite demonstration and quotation for the recommended walk-behind floor cleaning machinery.

CONTACT US on 0800 313 4336 to arrange a demonstration


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